Psycho-emotive Anatomy


In short:

Insight Healing Ministries, Psycho-emotive Anatomy ™ is a body based approach addressing physical and emotional experience.


Concepts of Psycho-emotive Anatomy


P-e Anatomy offers a framework for you to be curious about pain and how it relates to your emotional landscape. This approach also offers structured support for you to discover the emotional experiences being expressed as pain in your body. 



At times, something in your body feels amiss. You may be experiencing pain without clear explanation. You may believe your pain is a chronic condition you just have to live with. Psycho-emotive Anatomy views pain as a language to your experience. 


There is a connection between the site of pain and unprocessed emotions that functions in recognizable patterns. These may be physical or emotional. Through guided body based focus, each session supports processing through old hurts and traumas. This processing happens at your own pace. 


As you gain grounding through guided body based focus, you are supported in discovering your own creative solutions to wellness. With shifts in consciousness, clients often report relief from corresponding physical pain. This process supports a rich path to self discovery. 



"Driven by body based techniques, P-e Anatomy harnesses the innate wisdom of the client to heal" 



In the near future, it will be my pleasure to offer workshops and classes to individuals as well as other facilitators so that this structure may help people help themselves

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