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Living and working in Atlanta for the next 13 years, my practice consisted of a mix of my clinical training and intuitive energetic work. No two clients were approached the same way as each had specific needs. It was during these years that I began to see patterns between emotional experience and physical ailment. I actively explored these correlations from one client to the next and began to develop a theory. This theory, which I've now been working on for 26 years, blossomed into Psycho-emotive Anatomy and is designed to help people help themselves. 


Currently, I am pursuing Psychoeducation to connect the dots between the psychological and emotional experiences which expresses themselves in the body. I have engaged in masters level classes in psychology with the aim to finish my degree in the next year. As additional support, I am seeking certification in Somatic Experiencing and Brainspotting, both body based modalities which support the client harnessing their own internal wisdom through focus to discover healing. It is my goal to support you in wellness and self-discovery. 

I continue studying the human condition through the vehicle of Psycho-emotive Anatomy. Though I no longer practice traditional massage therapy as I once did, I still use touch in conjunction with guided body based focus. For more information on P-e Anatomy please visit I look forward to serving you. 

Since Childhood, I've been fascinated by how people work. At the age of eight my mother and her partner took me to live in various parts of Europe. It was during this time that I discovered there were commonalities in how humans communicate, even in the absence of a shared language. It was also during this time I discovered that I could help people through healing touch. As a result of these experiences, I developed an interest in Psychology in high school and took an internship at Georgia Mental Health Institute in the children's ward.  I self taught acupressure and would often help my friends and family with their physical pain. In college I diverged from the healing path to pursue an interest in making art. For many years I wore many hats as a working artist.  In my late 20's, as a single mother, I realized I needed a more consistent income. Calling on my early interests in healing I decided to go to massage school and earned certification as a clinical sports massage therapist. To my surprise, I discovered that the energetic work I had always used intuitively when helping people, was a skill set in demand.

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